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.....welcome to my world of touch

Originally from Slovakia, after a couple of years of traveling and exploring I eventually found my home on the small, enchanting Danish island of Samsø.

My primary motivation comes from a great curiosity about nature & body. On the path of my quest to comprehend myself better, Chinese medicine, yoga, and massage have emerged as powerful tools in helping me figure out what suits my body best, navigate emotions and traumas, understand the reasons behind life’s events, and make sense of the constant chaos around us. And as I found out that these tools work, I realized that if they can work for me, they can work for anyone 🙂

Getting educated in the field of massage therapy and acupuncture has become my great passion. And I feel very privileged to be able to pass this passion on.

In my role as a massage therapist, my primary focus is on creating a safe space where you can completely let go, leaving behind the concerns of everyday life. I believe that the combination of the right techniques, a ready patient, and a present and focused therapist are all that it takes for a magic to happen. To enhance my skills, I am dedicated to continuous education.

During your visit, communication can be in Danish or English. However, currently, all my acupuncture sessions are conducted in English, providing a secure zone for accurate expression.

I am very much looking forward to having you in my hands.

Education and certificates

  • Seminar on the diagnostical process of diseases classified by WHO in TCM, TCM Institute, Prague, Czechia
  • Biodynamic massage therapy, PVSP Prague, Czechia
  • Pregnancy massage, Dansk akademi for kropsterapi, Aarhus, Denmark
  • Clinic drift course, Lasota akademi, Denmark
  • Ear acupuncture course with Kim Haugaard, Liseleje, Denmark
  •  Conscious Touch Therapy – massage course on the importance of a focused therapist, Touch Therapy Prague, Czechia
  • Vipassana 10 day course – S.N.Goenka, Poland
  • Study of theory and practice at TCM University Hospital, Chengdu, China  
  • Postgraduate seminars, TCM Institute Prague, Czechia: Psychic emotional disorders & extraordinary vessels in acupuncture, Gastroenterology, Heart and hypertension, Thyroid disbalances, Infectious disease, Yin Huo, Gynecology & fertility, Skin disease, Bi Zheng – rheumatic disorders, Atopic disorders, Headaches
  • Cosmetic acupuncture – Mudr Lucky, TCM Institute Prague, Czechia
2013 - 2019
  •  Study of 5 elements of Traditional Chinese medicine – Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs, Dietetics, Qi Gong & Tuina massage, Cupping, Moxa, Diagnostical process, Psychology, Anatomy, and modern medicine. TCM Institute, Prague, Czechia. Certified practitioner of TCM.
  • Swedish and sports massage school, Slovakia. Deep Tissue and sports massage. Certified massage therapist.

Velvet Touch was created by

Monika & Morgan

Morgan, the child of fire, currently resides in Brussels, her hometown in Belgium. There’s a possibility that she might make occasional visits to Samsø, offering her massage at Velvet Touch with her gentle and magical touch. Morgan is skilled in the art of releasing tension, providing a sensation of your body and mind gracefully melting away under her care.

If you’ve had the pleasure of indulging in our shared double massage sessions before, you’re already aware that we make a great team 🙂

'''I have received wonderful massage sessions from each of Mo & Mo team, they each find the sore points! I've become totally addicted to their skillful angel hands ❤️ My pain is gone ❤️ Thank you so much Monika and Morgan I will be back again! Looking forward to a double massage!''
Henriette Eiby Christensen