Each of the chosen massage will be tailored to your individual needs.

Hver af de valgte behandlinger vil blive skræddersyet til dine individuelle behov.

aromaterapi - behandlinger- æteriske olier

Aroma Touch Therapy

Calming and relaxing, this massage incorporates slow repetitive strokes, gentle stretches, pulsation, passive joint mobilization, and other techniques suitable for your body to help you indulge in the deep relaxation mode. With the help of a blend of powerful organic essential oils of your own choice, you are invited to let go of any tension and stress.

Fra 650 DKK

Deep Touch Therapy

A stronger therapy more focused on the needs of the body by implementing the techniques of a myofascial release, trigger point therapy, and deep tissue massage. Whether you suffer from a long -term chronic problems or an acute state of pain and tension, this treatment aims to make you feel more free in your movement and activities.

Fra 650 DKK
dybvævsmassage -deep touch - treatments - fysiurgusk massage - dybvævsmassage - behandlinger
gravid touch - gravidmassage - treatmenst-graviditet-beroligende-afslappende-heling-massage på samø - behandlinger

Gravid touch

A massage therapy suitable for women in all stages of pregnancy. With the use of special pillows and cushions allowing you to find the most comfortable position for your body, you are finally able to let go of the pain and pressure in all the typically sore areas. Very pleasant and very relaxing also for the mind. .

Fra 650 DKK

Hot Stones Massage

Ancient style of massage that combines the use of smooth, warm, volcanic basalt stones and a full-body holistic massage. Every session starts with a light oil massage followed by massage with warm stones. Heat, penetrating the muscles, helps the body to relax and rest, without applying a very strong pressure.

Fra 650 DKK
hot stones massage -varme sten-afslappende-massage-samsø-terapi
head & neck - hoved & nakke -kort massage-behandling af nakke-triggerpunkter-oplevelse-massage samø

Head & Neck

A short but effective massage for those who suffer from neck tension, immobility, dizziness, headaches or migraines.

Fra 400 DKK

Back Massage

45 minutes dedicated to the back and its tensions & pain. You choose the intensity and strength of the treatment. This massage can be combined with cupping or TDP lamp.

Fra 550 DKK
rygmassage-triggerpunkter-bindevævsmassage-helkropsmassage-massage samsø-behandlinger
rygmassage-triggerpunkter-bindevævsmassage-helkropsmassage-massage samsø-behandlinger
feet massage - fodmassage-fod terapi-afslappende-relax samsø-wellness samø-massage på samsø

Feet Massage

Fast cure for sore feet. Very pleasant and soothing treatment for the feelings of heaviness, swelling, and tension.

Fra 400 DKK


Acupuncture works by harmonizing the flow of energy in meridians to improve the physical and mental well-being, and so is positively affecting overall quality of life. Very important is the active role of the client by agreeing to adopt certain changes in the diet and lifestyle habits to support the healing process. 

Acupuncture can be effective and helpful with many disorders:

Fra 400 DKK
akupunktur samsø
cupping-kinesisk terapi-cupping massage-cupping samsø-behandler danmark- massage samsø


Effective technique not only for muscle tension but also for affecting the musculoskeletal, digestive, and respiratory systems, and overall positively improving immunity during early bacterial and viral attacks. Toxins are removed from body fluids and tissues are better supplied with blood. Depending on the problem, the cups are either applied to certain areas or are used as massage tools.

Fra 400 DKK

Save money with clip cards.

Do you need more than one session? Are you a regular who loves massage and wants to take it seriously? You can pay less and save 10% by prepaying 3 treatments or 15% with 5 treatments – available for 60/90 minutes long massage sessions & acupuncture/cupping sessions. All clip cards are personal and are valid for 3/6 months.

"Velvet Touch is an incredibly delicious place, located just outside Samsø's holiday town of Ballen. The massage facilities are 'spot on', really delicious, and the 2 therapists Morgan and Monika are top professionals, smiling, nothing is left to chance, so you get just the massage your body and mind need."
Frank Holmstrup